Dissertation proposals writing – the outlook part

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Decide which images you need in order to get the message across loud and clear and easy to imagine; this can be significantly stressed on (several original illustrations in various magnifications, or a time scale, along with a table, and several charts in different forms of presentations, absolute numbers and given as a percentage, etc.).

The message must not be overlooked even at the first volatile browsing through the dissertation writing proposal itself! Now determine which materials can help you to show the rest of the “supporting” evidence, not exceeding (including the descriptive text!) the above determined 50 pages results section. So that is clear what belongs in the remaining chapters – and the outline can be drawn up.

Rule Nr.2a (Title and Work Directions)

The title of your work (which is often not identical with the working title, under which you started with the development of the subject) is defined when the present dissertation has been finished. Otherwise you may have to rewrite it every week.

Note: An attempt that is limited in time answers only a series of questions and usually not finally and satisfactorily the question(s), to which a reply was undertaken; usually more new questions come out and sometimes these were not asked, as they will get no answers.

That is the nature of the research: If we knew exactly what comes as a result in the experiments, one would need not to do them, eventually. However, this is one of those (at least for the reviewers) well-known truths that can turn out to have effect no more. Helpful for writing (and reading) the work is rather when (after you have identified the message as such) it is so devised that it would be have exactly the outcome that has been sought for from the outset.

That starts with the introduction (of the question for which you must have found an answer, and as a problem to be solved, can be found) and finally finishes with the title of the thesis, in which the problem and its solution is found.