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Write that essay of yours and post it in Facebook! If you’re sure you are an genies there’s big possibility to became very popular among girls. Make sure you upload your best photo or photo of someone handsome all day long may hear nice things in school about you! Make fun of the girls by replying on their messages in style like you own the world! Give them some kind of essay help. Learn them how to write essays, start a novel or print a kid’s book. Kids are so cute, aren’t they?

Make your fans adore you writing essays about girls, and how beautiful and hot they are. Show them how much you respect a girl and be smart share you like on of them In your essay. In no time they’ll start a fight! Just sit back on a chair hidden behind a tree of bush and enjoy the view of pulled hair, screaming and shouting how ugly she is, broken nails, fallen hair extensions.. and so much more. It’s such a fun, really!

Ok, come down to Earth now! You wont ever be so popular because of an essay published on FCB! Matter of fact nobody post his own essays anywhere, cause nobody writes essays these days. Everything is copied from internet and nothing is personal anymore! And if you’re trying to write an essay of your own … oh trust me its going to be very hard time NOT thinking about FCB! Instead wasting time of doing boring stuff, stand up from your chair and start doing things that really matter!

Fly off to Africa and help the poor people or be a messenger of the good hope and share the hope with people! If the life is one-time only then make the most of it and be useful, so it could matter!